Office Design

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The future workplace needs to be a destination for a world of hybrid working and virtual communication.


An agile workspace with less desking and more focus on tech-enabled spaces for collaboration, teamwork, meetings, training and events.

We design agile workspaces around the people that use them, to enable them to become more efficient, productive and to increase wellbeing.

Flexible remote working, the rise of virtual and hybrid communication and employee wellbeing have now become central to the way we think about the design of our office or workplace.


Whether you are looking to implement agile workspace design as you move toward hybrid working, or you are moving to a hub-and-spoke model, we can design and deliver high-performance workspaces for your future.

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Looking to redesign your workspace?

Human-centric design

Our office design process is centred around the people that use the space. 

We spend time understanding your business in detail and the needs and the requirements of your people.


By getting a thorough understanding of the culture of the organisation and its objectives, we are able to creatively design a workspace that enhances productivity, attracts and retains key talent and ultimately improves business performance.

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Office Design: Concept to Reality

Our creative design team develop unique office design concepts to create the perfect workspace for your business.


From initial sketches and test-fits, through to photo-realistic renders and video-walkthroughs, we develop the design to help you visualise exactly what your new office will look like.

Our office design team will liaise closely with our estimating team throughout the design process to ensure we stay within budget and achieve a workspace that fulfills all your requirements. 

Our Office Design Process

1. Discover

We start with informal meetings to see if we’re a good fit for each other.   

We then engage with structured leadership sessions, staff surveys and workshops to gather the data behind your business.

2. Define

We use the outcomes of the discovery stage to define what is right for you, developing an overall blueprint for your workspace. 

We help by defining size, location, working policies and other elements that help outline the design brief.

3. Design

Using the data that we uncover in the findings from the Define phase, we work in collaboration with you to develop a full design scheme for your workplace that delivers on your company vision and goals.

4. Deliver

Our Pre-Contracts and Project Management teams will turn the design phase into reality, taking ownership from start to finish.

​We manage all aspects of your office design, from Building Regulations through to Health & Safety to a complete aftercare service to support future requirements.

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