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Ensure your office design works for you with qualitative and quantitative data and insight.


Practical, actionable data and insights that inform your office design and workspace strategy.


Our consultancy packages are scalable to meet your requirements, timescales, and budget.

Workspace Consultancy

Add data, clarity, and confidence to your office design to optimise your real estate ROI.


Meet with one of our workspace experts. They’ll take your initial brief, and ask you lots of questions to understand your needs in detail.

Book a Discovery Call


Work with your designated project director to establish your project motivations and how you will measure success. We’ll then build a project team to suit your needs.

Build Your Brief


In-depth leadership workshops and interviews. Understand your culture, organisational constraints, and working model.

Leadership Engagement


Using occupation tracking software, we build up a detailed picture of exactly how your people are using your workspace.

Workspace Utilisation Study


Multiple rounds of online surveys to get input from your staff on how they work, what frustrates them, and what would make them more effective.

Staff Surveys


The final outcome of your consultancy process. A detailed report full of actionable insights to inform your workspace design & build project.


Looking to start the process today?

Your Project Journey


“The benefits have been a happier workforce. Productivity is better - happy people means more productive people. There’s a freshness about the place. Its light, and I think that works very well for everyone - makes everyone happy.”

- Tim Gould, Deputy Managing Director, Casio UK

"Working with Zentura was an absolute pleasure. They exceeded expectations at every stage of the process. They are a fantastic, friendly team to work with and they delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard.

I would have no hesitation in working with them again. Thank you Zentura for providing us with a great new workspace and ensuring such a seamless relocation!"

- Luke Wilkins, Head of HR UK, Gett Taxi

"Zentura did all the design and carried out all work in a highly professional way. The project timeline was aggressive, and Zentura delivered on time and on budget.

I was impressed with the high level of quality on the work as well as their professional and honest approach"

- Stuart Wilson, Vice President EMEA, Alteryx

What it's like to work with us

Casio UK


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