Smart Offices

Office design needs integrated technology more than ever. Smart offices and tech-enabled spaces provide immersive experiences and enable virtual and hybrid working. From your office reception to your meetings spaces, high technology pods to fully immersive mixed reality presentation suites, Zenconnect are pioneering ground-breaking digital and virtual collaborative workspaces.

Smart Buildings

Seamless staff and visitor experiences, intelligent building technology

Immersive Workspaces

Workspace that provides an immersive brand and digital experience

Hybrid Presentations

Interactive spaces where physical and virtual attendees feel equally engaged

Virtual Collaboration

Professional virtual meeting and collaborative workspaces

Virtual Meeting Office Pods

With high-quality graphics, plug and play technology, exceptional sound, and optimal lighting the Zenconnect® range of relocatable office pods is easy to navigate, and provides a clear and professional virtual space. That means less time focused on the logistics of your video calls, and more freedom to impress your clients with crisp and clear connections that are just as dynamic as a face-to-face meeting.


Virtual Event & Exhibition Spaces

Many companies are feeling the pain of being unable to travel to collaborate or attend trade shows and exhibitions.  With video conferencing now a fundamental part of working practice, we can transform your workplace with cutting-edge technology to enable seamless collaboration and high-quality presentations.

Smart Buildings

Smart offices using IoT ( Internet of Things) software interact seamlessly with people and systems, analysing data and providing real time information. Automated processes ensure seamlessly connected experiences for staff and visitors. Whether remote or within the building a smart tech enabled workplace will enable you to control the space from your smartphone or screen including:

  • Seamless building access and egress

  • Contactless check-in and out

  • Desk & space booking

  • Find and connect with colleagues

  • Request an elevator

  • Operate welfare facilities

  • Adjust temperature and lighting

  • Manage Security & life systems

  • Receive notifications and updates

Office Building
Large Plasma

Immersive Workspaces

The workplace is the cultural hub of the organisation, a destination for clients and colleagues to collaborate and a place to be immersed in the brand experience. Our digital technologies are enabling us to create offices that provide a truly interactive and engaging experience throughout the space with fully customisable digital assets enabling you to:

  • Create virtual receptions

  • Maximise sales opportunities with screens that react to client sign in

  • Show bespoke content for an event or important project

  • Ensure clear and customisable wayfinding

  • Deliver a consistent, interactive experience throughout the space

  • Leverage opportunities to enhance wellbeing and mindfulness

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