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MI-GSO | PCUBED (MP) is the world’s leading project and change management consultancy. Since 1991, MI-GSO has pioneered the field of Project Management Consulting and project management as a service. Today, MI-GSO | PCUBED is a unique consulting company combining its global reach and end-to-end PM capabilities.

In recent years, the way MP work has changed, and their office no longer suited their needs. With the implementation of hybrid working, they no longer needed individual desks. Hybrid communication with experts and clients across the world had become difficult. MP needed a new workspace that stimulated creativity, innovation, and cross-team communication. A space that would reinforce its position as a world-leading project management consultancy.


8 Floors



Project Type

Office Refurbishment




Office Refurbishment

The Project

The Story

When developing the design concept, Zentura closely listened to MP’s workspace and business challenges. This gave MP the confidence that Zentura understood their problems and could deliver the workspace they needed.

Zentura created a package that would transform the way MP worked. The concept was a multi-purpose, modular design that matches the differing needs of staff. Central to the package was the workspace technology, from the immersive XR lab to the touchless room and desk booking system. The final design was a transformation of the entire building. Effective space planning enabled MP to consolidate onto 6 floors, creating 2,500 sq/ft of prime location sublet space. Fewer desks and more informal collaboration spaces improve collaboration. AV Suites throughout the workspace enable hybrid meetings and collaboration for MP’s staff. Initial works included strip out to shell & core, complete replacement of the air-conditioning and electrical systems, and roof repairs. The second stage of the works involved partitioning, teapoint installation, decoration, design feature installations, and furniture. Zentura delivered this 11,000 sq/ft office refurbishment in just 20 weeks. The finished result is a space that realises MP’s vision for their workspace. From informal collaboration spaces to a stunning breakout area, MP’s staff have a workplace that matches the way they need to work. The highlight of the space is the technology package. Room booking and access control, managed by smartphone, creates a touchless user experience. This allows users to move throughout the space safely and easily. AV suites throughout the space allow for virtual, hybrid, and in-person collaboration. The XR lab, the first office-based extended reality suite of its kind, delivers seamless in-person and remote audience experiences. High resolution LED walls and floors combined with cutting edge software present a unified, fully-immersive digital canvas. All remote participants become visible onstage alongside the host and content. A camera captures the in-person participants and places them in the virtual space, allowing everyone to see and interact with each other as if in the same room. This cutting-edge workspace delivers on MP’s brief to transform, reinvigorate, and redefine their London space. The result is a contemporary environment for communication, collaboration, and innovation. MP now has a workplace that improves collaboration, staff productivity, and business performance.

“Right from day one, Zentura were the most engaging and the most enthusiastic to help us realise our vision for the space.
The teams worked very collaboratively between our team and the Zentura team. We never looked at the contract after we signed it, we just worked together.
All of the team were listening to what we wanted to achieve, and thinking how they could help us achieve that.”

Richard Siddle, UK Managing Director

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