Workplace Consultancy London

Workplace consultancy is a multi-dimensional process that collects the facts and data around your workspace. Covid-19 has changed the way we work and in turn, how our workspaces will be used, especially in urban centres such as London. Workplace consultancy is more important than ever in ensuring you make informed workplace strategy decisions.

Our Process

As Workspace Consultants, our process helps you understand your office and your people. Collecting measurable and cultural insights into your London office space and your people.


The results enable you to make intelligent data-informed decisions, helping you to streamline costs whilst increasing employee engagement and wellbeing.


Our service is scalable to meet your requirements, timescales and budget. We can help you ensure a smarter, optimised workspace with more productive people through advanced workplace strategies.

Team Meeting

London Projects

2. Engage

This is about engagement with your leadership team. Understanding your organisational culture and the objectives of your business. We gather and understand these insights through leadership team workshops and individual leadership one to ones. We explore lessons learnt, business impact and change readiness. We brainstorm the future workspace, encouraging healthy debate about what’s possible for you!

3. Observe

It’s important to understand how well optimised your workspace is currently and how it’s used on a daily basis. Either via discreet physical observation over a period of time, or using office space management software we build a picture which shows the use and optimisation of your current space. This provides key insights into areas of your office which are underused, how many desks you actually need and how often your meeting rooms are really in use.

4. Survey

With our easy-to-use online survey tools, we collect data from your employees and managers on a wide range of topics. Our surveys are built bespoke to your brief and the employee group. The surveys enable us to gain broad in-depth insights into your employees and their view on what works and what doesn’t work about your office. It helps us understand how your people interact and the spaces they need to be productive.

5. Team

Using online or face to face to face workshops we engage with your key teams in a series of focused workshops to understand how they currently work and how they plan to work in the future. Focused workshops with your key departments enable us to gain an in-depth understanding of the internal communication and networking within your business informing your office design.

6. Report

Once the consultancy work has been completed we collate our findings into a comprehensive report. This easy to understand report captures all the facts and data around your office and how it is currently working. It also provides key insights into your people and how they work. Along with our recommendations, you now have valuable data to make intelligent decisions and ensure you create an optimised workspace that works for your future.

1. Brief

A free, no obligation planning stage this allow our team to engage via a virtual meeting to gain an understanding of your desired outcomes without any commitment from you. It’s a great opportunity to discuss the future of workspace and It ensures we can build a bespoke consultancy package that is right for your needs and your budget. Following this we will provide a clear proposal detailing the process and outcomes for your consideration.  

Thinking of transforming your London workplace?