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How to create a workspace that works for everyone

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The workspace has evolved like never before, and it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your organisation are up to date with forward-thinking and innovative strategies. Property developers Workspace suggest that by the year 2028, change will be wholly necessary. Flexible working and technology will lead to healthier workplaces with less noise and distraction which, in turn, will support individual wellbeing.

So, what does the ideal workspace look and feel like in this new normal? Firstly, it is likely to offer an aesthetic difference from days gone by. With fewer staff in the office due to hybrid working, there will be designated areas for both isolated work and co-working, and the look-and-feel should be considered equally to create a lasting impression. Staff need to feel safe and supported which will heighten productivity. For this reason, your office design should essentially be person-centred with a focus on workplace wellness.

The current office design of choice is that of flexible furniture. It allows for enhanced organisation and ensures that you can make further changes when required; spaces that can change over time. Gone are the days of overfilled desks and large, imposing computers. The new normal consists of minimalism, and advanced technology systems.

With many workers now adapting to a combination of home and office working, it is vital that you retain connectivity with remote workers with the use of up-to-date technology. Now, more than ever, technology is evolving to provide more than a simple means of contact; it is an essential means of both communication and collaboration which enables you to maintain essential, long-standing relationship with clients.

The Zenconnect range fully embraces the new requirement for un-problematic and seamless connectivity. It also encapsulates the requirement for quiet space and collaboration, whilst ensuring that your workspace looks eye-catching and attractive. From reception areas to high-tech pods, Zenconnect offers impressive virtual collaboration experiences for your workplace.

The Zenconnect pod range provides small meeting areas in a range of eye-catching designs. Regardless of a colleague or client’s location, you can communicate with studio-level acoustics, high-quality audio-visual, cameras and lighting with groups of up to six. Furthermore, seclusion pods tackle the rising stress levels amongst staff by helping them unwind. Your design should be inclusive and aligned with your unique business needs and we’re confident that we’ll have something to suit.

The 2019 pandemic took its toll on collaboration, so organisations are now compensating for this loss using inventive technology. ZenConnect Spaces range from exhibitions studios to event and training hubs and enable colleagues and clients to interact on a global level. Fully immersive video environments allow a presenter and their audience to come face-to-face in a virtual setting, whilst teaching spaces create remote and hybrid teaching for academic institutions all over the world.

Let Zentura take you a step closer to the modern workspace where collaboration, creativity and productivity work hand in hand with worker wellbeing. Together, we will help you produce a workspace that works for everyone.



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