Mixed Reality Virtual Spaces.
A Smart Investment

Zenconnect   Virtual Spaces


Reduce your carbon footprint, increase productivity and deliver huge ROI for your business by re-investing your external event and travel budget into Zenconnect® Virtual Spaces.

Enabling immersive hybrid communication and putting virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality at your fingertips! 

Zenconnect® Spaces incorporate world-leading XR technology, powered by SmartStage to put easy to use, broadcast level, mixed reality XR spaces within reach of everyone.

From presentation and exhibition studios to event and training hubs we enable companies to interact with clients and colleagues all over the world in a way they never believed possible. Our virtual technology will even teleport you to present real time in a space elsewhere in the world.

Why use virtual events, meetings and presentation spaces?

Return on Investment

Eliminate time wasted travelling and cut your travel, hospitality and event costs. You can use a Zenconnect Virtual Space every day of the year! 

Hybrid Communication

Our virtual spaces are all designed for hybrid communication allowing immersive communication with physical and virtual audiences, large or small, anywhere in the world, at the same time.  

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Do your bit towards a more sustainable planet by reducing your company travelling and the environmental impact of your external events by hosting and attending virtual events.

Extended & Augmented Reality

Present in an extended reality 360 virtual world, demo your products and show data with augmented reality in our virtual spaces.

Professional Spaces 

All of our virtual spaces use XR technology with high connectivity, studio-quality camera’s, surround sound, and lighting that will set you apart from competitors. 


Present real-time in person on a stage across the world from your own office or home using our virtual spaces.

Immersive Virtual Collaboration 

Zenconnect® Smartstages are fully immersive video environments that allow the presenter and audience to come face-to-face in a virtual or hybrid setting.   Using groundbreaking mixed-reality technology, it replaces the traditional green screen with real content. It allows the presenter to engage with their content in a far more natural way without any broadcast training.  Perfect for global conferences, training programmes or exhibitions.

The Future of Remote Learning

Zenconnect® Spaces are innovating remote and hybrid teaching for academic institutions around the world. Powered by Smartstage XR Technology, creating a fully immersive, user-friendly virtual learning experience, our spaces generate an unrivalled return on investment, allowing educators to feel comfortable in their content and ensuring learners are equally engaged whether in the learning studio or remote

Want to create a hybrid workplace?