Furniture for the new demands of the workplace

Office Furniture

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Furniture is a crucial element to a well-designed workspace as it is the element that people interact with most frequently.  We provide carefully curated office furniture packages with integrated technology that improve productivity and create agile and flexible workspaces that support your business objectives.

Turnkey Office Furniture Packages

Our furniture division, called Fluid, offers a complete package of office furniture services including:

  • Existing furniture surveys

  • Storage audits

  • Ergonomic consultancy

  • Furniture supply & installation

  • Move management

  • Storage & logistics

  • Relocation & churn

  • Refurbishment & upcycling

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Global Office Furniture Sourcing

We have built strong working relationships with manufacturers globally, giving us a huge spectrum of product to choose from.  This means that we can find something that suits whatever design aesthetic or budget you have in mind.

We are not affiliated with any particular manufacturers, giving us the freedom to select the furniture that works best for you and your requirements.

Furniture for the Future Workspace

Flexible remote working, the rise of virtual and hybrid communication and employee wellbeing have now become central to the way we think about furniture in our office or workplace.


The future workplace needs to be a destination for a world of hybrid working and virtual communication. An agile workspace with less desking and more focus on tech-enabled spaces for collaboration, teamwork, meetings, training and events.


Whether you are looking to implement an agile workspace as you move toward hybrid working, or you are moving to a hub-and-spoke model, we can use furniture to create high-performance workspaces for your future.

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