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Due to consistent growth, towed fleet specialists Anglia Towing Equipment had outgrown their Colchester premises and needed more space to support further growth. They needed an open plan, dynamic workspace that allowed the teams to respond to the needs of their clients in a collaborative and efficient way.


2,500 sq/ft



Project Type

Office Relocation



Anglia Towing Equipment

Office Relocation

The Project

The Story

ATE reached out to the Zentura team to develop a design concept that fitted the needs and budget. Zentura worked within the tight timeline and budget constraints to create a concept that the team at ATE loved.
The resulting design was an on-brand, highly visual workspace that promoted communication and teamwork across the whole company. The combination of quiet focussed zones and flexible teamwork spaces maximised the potential of the 2,500 Sq ft space. Despite supply and sourcing challenges due to COVID restrictions, obstacles were overcome to keep the project within the required constraints. The Zentura team sustained a tight schedule, maintaining close communication and accountability with the ATE team throughout the project. As well as spacious open plan desking, the new workspace included a variety of collaboration and focus spaces. From integrated banquette seating to sound-proofed booths and eye-catching graphics, this was a space that ATE could call home. The result is a dynamic, eye-catching workspace that reflects and enhances the brand and culture of Anglia Towing Equipment, giving them a platform to continue to grow in the years to come.

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