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How to implement a communication-boosting office design

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

There is little of greater importance than communication within the workspace. Productivity is reliant on seamless communication between you and your staff, so it is crucial that your office design enables this effectively.

There are two integral factors that should be noted when considering the above. That is, your office environment, and flawless technology.

Many open-plan offices are garnished with artificial lighting and plain, clinical walls; the relentless sound of ringing telephones and the beeping of technology a catalyst for stress. It isn’t hard to understand how productivity is lost when communication is so greatly compromised. Workers may not be able to hear themselves think, much less collaborate. With this in mind, the layout and design of your workspace is the ultimate backdrop in creating a productive and collaborative area.

Agile furniture is a great go-to option and negates any requirements for a major restructure. Flexible panels can be used to separate quiet, focused areas from busy collaboration spaces to meet the objectives of your workers. Of greater benefit is the fact that furniture of this nature can be reassigned to other areas when required. Quiet, cordoned off areas are ideal for private conversations between staff and clients and help ensure that your workers are focused on their task without unnecessary interruption.

For collaboration space that requires communication amongst staff and clients, Zenconnect pods are an ideal solution. The pods are designed for up to six people and are ideal for meetings or conferences. Using cutting-edge technology, staff can also rapidly connect to remote staff or clients when required without painful glitches. With a unique combination of studio-level acoustics, high-quality audio-visual, cameras, and lighting along with easy-to-use BYOD plug and play technology, Zenconnect pods enable clear and dynamic communication ensuring everyone is engaged, wherever they are. With a variety of customisable solutions, the range of pods can be utilised for communication of every nature, remote staff can even be involved in virtual experiences. They are also ideal for preventing sound leakage into the office; a win-win for all your staff! Isolated areas are protected, while meetings can be as animated as desired without cause for concern.

Additional ways to create a comfortable working space include utilising natural light where possible. Bright artificial lights are rarely synonymous with productivity, instead identified as well-known triggers of eye strain and headaches. Biophilic design helps establish a calming, natural environment that will not only reduce stress and tension but will further aid productivity. Incorporate colour and texture to transport staff and visitors to an exciting office space. Take a look at our modern, eye-catching office designs for inspiration.

Communication boosting changes don’t need to cost the earth, and you’ll be surprised at how effective they are in getting the most from your staff. Workers are seeking opportunities and room for growth more than ever, so an investment into their working space assures them that you are considering their needs. In turn, you’re likely to see a natural rise in productivity as a response, and staff wellbeing will be at an all-time high. Efficient communication is more than simply communication amongst staff, it starts with an organisation reassuring its workforce that they are valuable and well supported.



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