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10 Ways a Great Office Can Make and Save You Money

A great workspace improves staff retention, wellbeing, productivity, and profitability, enabling you to elevate the performance of your business through your greatest resource- your people. It’s an inspiring environment that so seamlessly meets the needs of your people that they barely notice it’s even there. Blending collaboration and effectiveness, they can simply focus on producing their best work to establish you ahead of your competition at the forefront of your marketplace.

However, this vision is far from reality for so many companies. An international survey of 10,000 workers found that 85% of employees are unhappy with their office environment and struggle to concentrate. A dysfunctional workspace can cost you money every day through poor productivity, culture, and wellbeing. Whether it’s an outdated design that makes your people feel jaded, poor space planning that stints communication, or poor ergonomics that harm productivity and creates health issues, a bad office is not only an opportunity missed but a serious problem holding your company back.

Workspace has changed forever with Covid fast-tracking the already emerging trend towards a world of hybrid working. Flexible remote working, the rise of virtual and hybrid communication and employee wellbeing have now become central to the way we think about the future of our office or workplace.

The future workplace needs to be a destination for a world of hybrid working and virtual communication. Nearly two thirds of employees want a hybrid approach to work, and this will radically change the way we use our offices. They will become agile workspaces with less desking and more focus on tech-enabled spaces for collaboration, teamwork, meetings, training, and events.

From productivity and motivation to wellbeing and hygiene, a great workspace can both make and save you money. We’ve broken down 10 reasons why office design is more important than ever, and how getting each of these 10 elements right can transform the future of your business.



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