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Office Relocation Guide

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Relocating your company to a new location can feel overwhelming. And there is a lot to do - everything has to be thought of and prepared for, from the budget to the IT assets.

This is your comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to plan for as you relocate your office, including exit strategy, space planning, cabling adaptions, and much more.

What's Inside?

It is essential you have your key strategic and operational reasons for relocating at the forefront of your mind from start to finish. Are you trying to save costs? Move to a hybrid model? Create more collaboration spaces? Factoring your central purpose into the many decision you will make will be key to making your office relocation a success.

Having completed the strategic planning, the next stage is operational. Working with the right office design and fit-out company will ensure that your new workspace meets your needs and vision. The operational side of keeping all parties fully informed and ensuring all matters on arrival are adequately cared for is also a key part of a successful office relocation.

As well as the workspace and physical considerations, the digital side also is cared for. Relocating all the IT equipment can be extremely stressful and challenging, but is essential to get right. Don't miss a thing with our complete scope of IT considerations.



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