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What Do Office Pods Cost?

How Much Do Office Pods Cost?

Do you need another meeting room, but don’t have the time or the budget to build it? Or perhaps your staff need somewhere to make a confidential phone call? If either of these situations sounds like you, then office pods could be a great way to improve your office.

At this point, you’re probably looking to get an idea of what office pods cost (that’s why you’re reading this article!). We understand that if you’re looking at office pods, you may not be entirely sure about what you need and what they will cost. Every day, our furniture team help companies across the UK by creating furniture packages that bring their offices to life.

Today we’ll explain what different types of office booths are available, as well as what affects the cost of office pods, and some rough costs.

Since there is such a wide variety of office pods, the cost of your furniture package heavily depends on the options you choose. Office pods come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, with and without a/v technology and furniture. This article is to help you understand what you need, and what you will have to spend to get it. Let’s get started!

Different Types Of Office Pods

Office pods have become an integral part of the open-plan office in the last few years. They are self-contained rooms that can be placed throughout your office. As independent rooms, they provide convenient collaboration or focussing spaces, as well as being much more flexible than built offices.

Phone Booths

The smallest type of office pod is the phone booth. Typically around 1m/sq, they have enough standing space for one person to make phone calls. They provide a physically and acoustically secure space for confidential phone calls. They are also very space efficient, so can be placed at various points throughout your office, making them very convenient for your staff. These pods will typically cost £4,000 to £10,000, depending on the specification.

Work Pods

Another type of personal booth is the work pod. Slightly larger than a phone booth, they have enough space for a small integrated desk and bench or task chair. Work pods provide a physically secure environment free of distractions, perfect for focussed work or virtual meetings. Some, such as Zenconnect, also have integrated audio/visual technology, so you can just plug your device in and go! Depending on the specification, work pods usually cost £5,000 -£15,000.

Small Meeting Pods

Perfect for confidential meetings and convenient catchups for 2-4 people, small meeting pods provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to small meeting rooms. They typically have a central table, with integrated seating on either side. Small meeting pods come in a huge variety of configurations, including fully enclosed, open-topped, and open-sided. Because there is such a huge variety of configurations, the costs vary a lot. Open-topped or sided booths will cost £4,000 to £8,000, while enclosed versions will cost £6,000 to £20,000.

Large Meeting Pods

If you’re looking for a large meeting space, but require flexibility then a large meeting pod is a great option. Like smaller meeting pods, large meeting pods also come in a wide range of styles, though most will be fully enclosed. Many will come without integrated furniture, requiring you to add your own meeting table and chairs. Depending on the materials used and the exact size, the cost of large office pods ranges from £10,000 to £25,000.

Modular Pod Systems

One office pod option becoming more popular in recent years is the modular pod system. These are completely customisable pod systems, featuring a range of base unit pods and other features. The construction is a highly adaptable and modular way of dividing space to create collaborative and social settings. Because they are modular, the costs are hugely variable. Most base units will cost £10,000 - £15,000, and an infinite number of units can be connected.

What Affects the Cost of Office Pods?

Because there are so many different types, sizes, and styles of office pods, the costs can range from £4,000 to £30,000 or more. The main 3 factors that will affect the cost of your office pod are size, configuration, and specification. The inclusion (or exclusion) of optional extras such as integrated furniture will also play a part.


Unsurprisingly, the size of your office booth has the biggest impact on the cost. This is mostly due to the increase in materials required. Larger pods also require more powerful ventilation systems and may also require sprinklers. While phone booths are available for as little as £4,000, large meeting pods in the same specification can cost £20,000.


The configuration of your office pod will also have a big impact on the cost. Fully enclosed pods need to be ventilated and will also need lighting. Depending on your office’s fire policy, you may also need to include sprinklers. Open-topped or sided pods, on the other hand, do not need these systems. This makes them much cheaper to purchase. Open topped and sided pods are typically 30-50% cheaper than their enclosed counterparts.


The materials used in your office booth will also have an impact on cost. Pods featuring natural materials such as wood will be more expensive to produce than those made with synthetic materials. The improved acoustic performance also increases cost, as more insulation is required. A high-specification post will cost 50-100% more than a low-specification version of the same product.

Optional Extras

Optional extras will also increase the cost of your office pod (or help keep it down). If your office pod comes with integrated furniture, such as tables or bench seating, then the cost will increase. It is worth bearing in mind that integrated furniture is designed specifically for the pod, so will work better. Other options such as audio-visual equipment can also increase the cost of your office pod by 20-50%.

Your Office Pods

The cost of office pods varies from £4,000 to £30,000 or more, depending on the size, configuration, specification, and optional extras. If you are looking at pods as part of a wider office furniture package, the costs may decrease.

It’s important to compare the costs of office pods to what traditional meeting rooms would cost. While pods may seem expensive initially, they can work out much more cost-effective when you compare them to build-out. Another crucial advantage of office pods is their flexibility. They can be moved around your office as your needs change, and can even be relocated if you need to move office.

Want to learn more about office furniture costs? We’ve written an article explaining what it will cost to install furniture in an all-new office space, including costs per sq/ft and per person. We’ve also included how much space different types of furniture in your office should have, and what you should spend on those. To get the full breakdown, read our article: How Much Does Office Furniture Cost?

To find out more about what pods are available, visit the Fluid Furniture website. As our sister furniture brand, we work closely together to create amazing workspaces for our clients. View their office pods & booths range here.



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