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Zenconnect Spaces offer unrivalled Return on Investment for academic institutions around the world, allowing them to increase student intake via fully immersive distance learning programmes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put virtual learning to the test well and truly.  With the challenges of lockdowns and ongoing restrictions, many universities have said goodbye to lecture halls and introduced online classes.

Zenconnect Spaces offer a hybrid solution - allowing academic institutions to offer online classes via immersive virtual learning environments that are as engaging remotely as they are virtually.

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What are Zenconnect  Spaces?


Zenconnect® Spaces are immersive learning environments that allow teachers and students to come face-to-face in a hybrid setting. Groundbreaking xR technology powered by SmartStage® is blended with actual in-room learning facilities to create a completely immersive and engaging experience for remote and on-campus students alike.

What is SmartStage  ?


SmartStage® is a fully immersive video environment that replaces the traditional green screen element of a virtual studio and allows the presenter and the audience to see and interact effortlessly with the content around them.

By placing the content within the natural eye line and within close proximity of the presenter,  the presenter is able to interact with the content in a far more natural way. With no rehearsal or green-screen training required, the speakers are more comfortable and can easily see and relate to the environment around them.

The set-up is scalable to fit any sized space and doesn’t require a dedicated broadcast studio environment, making it the perfect solution for classroom deployment.

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