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VCMT is a unique London based trading company specialising in the dynamic and fast-growing global energy markets. They are at the forefront of this dynamic and highly involved market, utilising high-quality infrastructure and empowered people to drive their business forward.


11,000 sq/ft



Project Type

Office Relocation




Office Relocation

The Project

The Story

The 50-strong team at VCMT had outgrown their 2,500 sq/ft London office, and their Head of Operations was given the task of managing a full office relocation. Knowing the challenges and potential pitfalls of a project that could have had a serious impact on the progression of her team, she needed an experienced partner to locate and secure a new workspace, and then manage every stage from then on, through design, delivery and relocation.
That’s where we come into the story, assisting the team at VCMT in their project, with the location and negotiation of an amazing 11,000 sq/ft space in one of Aldgate’s iconic buildings. We then engaged an experienced designer to design an amazing space that would perfectly suit VCMT’s growing team in the years to come. The team at VCMT could focus on what mattered to her, rather than worry about trying to manage sub-contractors and costs, as the project was delivered with no downtime to the team at VCMT. The team at Zentura then managed the relocation of the entire company, giving them peace of mind about the downtime that her traders would experience over this period. VCMT’s fast-growing team now have a workspace that enhances their workplace experience, boosting their performance and enjoyment at work, ready to drive the business forward. The team were delighted they had been guided through this difficult process, enabling them to focus on their day-to-day jobs.

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