Sustainability in Office Design

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A sustainable office will reap huge benefits for the reputation and financial aspect of your business, and most importantly the future of habitability on Earth. In June 2019, the UK

government passed legislation requiring the reduction of greenhouse gasses by 100% by the year 2050.

If every business and every employee can get on board, small changes soon become big changes in reducing our carbon footprint. We all have to take individual responsibility, but businesses and industries find themselves at the forefront of this green revolution.

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What's Inside?

How to achieve sustainability in office design, from why it is the right decision to make the move to sustainability, all the way through to the manufacturing and design processes.

There are many misconceptions about sustainable office design, with one of the most common myths being that eco-friendly offices won’t be as stylish. However, going green certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise aesthetics.

A sustainable office design is not limited to only saving energy and utilising natural resources, it needs to also enhance wellbeing successfully within the workplace. The focus around wellbeing has already become a natural addition to any forward-thinking office design. An eco-friendly environment can boost productivity due to the various physical and mental health benefits.

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