Return to Work Checklist

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Returning to the office – one of 2021 greatest challenges (and opportunities!). Ensure you are well prepared and don’t neglect anything as you plan to get your team back into the office.

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What’s Inside?

4 categories of essential considerations to help you understand and plan your return to the office:

1) Technology

The main things you need to think about in regards of shared technology in your workplace. How will you manage hybrid collaboration across office-based and remote workers?

2) Employees

The most important part of any plan to return to the office. Includes various Mental & Physical Health Considerations, as well as Home Working, Commuting safety and visitor management.

3) Day to Day Operations

Key considerations for the logistics of managing the office day-to-day in a post-covid environment, as well as managing flexible working and staggering staff shifts and locations.

4) The Workspace

The essential factors to create a safe and collaborative workspace from landlord communications to social distancing. Also includes the essential element of rigorous cleaning regimes.

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