8 Office Necessities We Didn’t Think We Needed Until Now

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

We are always seeing fun, quirky new office accessories popping up from time to time. After your office fit-out or refurbishment, you and your employees then will want to add even more of your personality to your new-found space.

Whether this is letting employees add bits and pieces to their desk to make it their own, or creating a wall art gallery of your favourite pieces, it gives it that extra stamp of ‘you’.

We scoured the internet high and low to find unique office accessories and necessities that we didn’t know existed until now. We guarantee you’ll be adding some of these weird and wonderful quirks to your desk in no time!

Wall Mounted Stationery Organiser

Imagine having your paper clips, sticky notes, elastic bands and all your other stationery needs right there and ready for action. By having them propped up on your wall in these little containers, you’ll never have to make that trip to the always-empty stationery cupboard.

USB Mini Desk Fan

Heating is always an argument in the office when someone is too hot, you can rest assured that everyone else is freezing. Avoid that confrontation with your very own miniature desk fan that you just plug into your USB port, the handiest gadget we’ve seen!

Multi-Function Cutlery

You’ve seen Sandra from Accounting wash her pots before and you just know that she’s not exactly the cleanest of people and with shared cutlery and crockery – how do you know all other people’s germs have disappeared?! Fear not – this little foldaway cutlery set gives you food on the go… and, well, only your germs.

Desk Chair Foot Hammock

If you’re that type of worker that always is up and down from their desk to run errands and do the odd job around the workplace, sometimes your feet can get a little tired. This handy little desk chair foot hammock will keep em raised and relaxed. Just please, don’t take your shoes off in the office!

Mini Desk Cleaner

This little vehicle can slide up and down your desk to get it free of dust. Yes, we know you could just go grab a wipe from the kitchen, but this makes the process ever so more exciting and gives us that five-minute break away from your to-do list.

Cute & Fun Tape Dispensers

There are so many different weird and wonderful tape dispensers floating around the internet and there essential for part of your everyday work. Our favourite, however, is this little hot dog-sausage dog guy – because real animals apparently aren’t allowed in the office!

Monitor Screen Memo Board

Always making notes on things that you must do but forever losing them and forgetting to actually do them?! This little memo board sticks on to the side of your screen so you can place the notes there that you really mustn’t forget!

Mini Handheld Games Console

Break times don’t necessarily have to be boring and consist of you flicking through the same old magazine whilst you’re eating your lunch. There are so many different variations of these mini retro handheld games consoles that’ll keep you entertained throughout your break!

Now we feel like we need a little shopping trip to make the office just that little bit more exciting. What will you pick up to make your desk a more exciting place to be?