Office Design Trends to Expect in 2020

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

2020 is finally here and the Zentura team are looking forward to a fun year of new and exciting office design and refurbishment projects. 2019 was a fantastic year filled with incredible office fitouts but now we are focussed on 2020 and what we can expect to see from this year’s office designs. In this post we have a look at a few trends we that we anticipate will continue and grow in 2020, maybe they’ll give you inspiration for a 2020 office project of your own. 

Vegan-Friendly Fabrics

Veganism is a growing movement which continues to gain popularity. This means the number of vegans in the workforce is growing and offices are needing to adapt. Whether because the people in charge are vegan or because there’s demand from employees, a shift to more vegan-friendly materials in the workplace is sure to occur in 2020. Even in vegan-free environments we anticipate some intentional vegan-friendly choices as far as office design is concerned. Have you noticed an increase in veganism within your workplace? Being more mindful of the materials you use in your office and opting for vegan friendly options where possible will surely be appreciated by both vegans and non-vegans within your workplace.


People are taking an increased interest in environmental issues and sustainability so we can also expect recycled and sustainable materials to feature more heavily in offices this year. From sustainably sourced wood making more appearances to office plants and living walls, 2020 will almost certainly bring more environmental considerations into the office design process. As environmental concerns increase so too will environmentalism within the workplace – people want to work for companies they know share their attitude towards environmental issues. 

Different Spaces For Different Work

We work differently in different environments and some spaces are better suited to certain tasks over others. We anticipate this will play a larger role in offices design in 2020. Offering a selection of spaces for different types of work and work styles will allow companies to optimise productivity. Whether companies tailor spaces to different work-styles to better accommodate their employees and play to their strengths or they offer space optimised for different tasks we expect forward thinking companies will drive this trend forward this year. If creating spaces with different work styles in mind sounds like something you want to incorporate into your office design read our post, “How Working Styles Should Influence Your Office Design” for more details. 

Workers Crave Natural Light

The benefits of natural light are well documented, and we expect they will play a role in office design decisions in 2020. As employee health continues to become a top priority for more employers, we can expect incorporating natural light into office design to join workplace health trends such as work/life balance, and standing desks. Among its many benefits sunlight increases vitamin D production which offers a slew of positive health benefits. Any office which prioritises its employee’s health (hopefully all of them) can take advantage of the benefits of natural light by factoring it into their office design. From the positioning of your office to use of windows and even outdoor work areas there are plenty of ways to help your employees get more exposure to natural light – for a happier, healthier workforce.

From more ways to support employee health to optimising to employee’s inherent work styles and even driving companies in a more environmentally and sustainability focussed direction – office design in 2020 is sure to be amazing. At Zentura we personally can’t wait to start creating amazing offices and help companies rejuvenate their workplace to kick off the new decade right.