MI-GSO | PCUBED partners with Zentura to create a futuristic new London workspace

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Zentura has won the contract to refurbish multinational project management consultancy MI-GSO | PCUBED’s London offices. Zentura will work with contract manager Gleeds to deliver the 11,000 sq. ft workspace refurbishment at 3-5 Crutched Friars, Tower.

The new offices will deliver a contemporary environment designed around advanced communication, collaboration and innovation that personifies their brand, enriches their company culture, and supports future performance. The new offices will also have a focus on sustainability and carbon neutral design, with new lighting and HVAC systems for more efficient energy use.

Through innovative design and integrated technology, the result will be a futuristic workspace for MI-GSO | PCUBED that enables hybrid working & employee collaboration, prioritises wellbeing and stimulates creativity.

Once completed, the space will stretch across 8 floors, including specific collaboration and focused working floors, an impressive staff cafe and as well as a state-of-the-art mixed reality SmartStage training academy and presentation suite. It will also include 2,750 sq. ft of sublet space.

The central London location will also be one of the first workspaces in the UK to include a cutting-edge Zenconnect Spaces suite, an immersive video environment that allows the presenter and audiences, both physical and virtual, to interact intuitively with mixed reality content, creating a world-class academy space.

James Hutchins, Managing Director at Zentura, said “It’s fantastic to be working on a project that truly embraces smart building technology and hybrid working. Creating intuitive and engaging workspaces has become ever more important for all businesses looking to succeed within a post-Covid environment. Flexible remote working, the rise of virtual/hybrid communication and improved employee wellbeing have now become central to the way we think about the future of our office or workplace, and this new workspace for MI-GSO | PCUBED will deliver a state-of-the-art, engaging environment perfect for their corporate needs. We are very excited to be able to deliver these future workspace projects for our clients with our team in London.”