How To Improve Communication in the Workplace

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We know that communication is key in all aspects of life and that it is especially important in the workplace. When it comes to an office or any working environment, good levels of communication makes sure that tasks are completed both efficiently and correctly, making for a seamless working system. There are always situations that arise in every workplace where communication is necessary, whether it be emailing a fellow employee for some files that you may need, or having a meeting to discuss the next stage of a project.

But how can you improve communication in your office so that it is at its very best to ensure you succeed? Whether it’s implementing a new technology system or creating an office design that calls for collaboration, it’s crucial that your company has a top of the range communication system. Here are some smart ways to improve communication in your office.

Live Messaging Systems

We are a generation who want things and want them as soon as possible and if you aren’t a company who integrates technology within the office design then you will soon fall behind. Emailing is still as prevalent as ever, but having a live, instant messaging service for your employees to communicate could be a new possibility for you.

This can help to overcome a larger office design so that employees can get answers quickly or if you have remote workers who may work from home. Employees can use the service to send files, schedule meetings and discuss questions they need quick and easy answers to. Please bare in mind, however, that this will have to be monitored to ensure it isn’t being misused.

Open-Plan Offices

As always, office design can really help to engage employees in a conversation about their work. By having working desks that are grouped together by job types, it can help promote positive group discussions about any tasks that may be at hand.

We have seen lots of businesses transition away from the typical booth-style offices due to the lack of communication they brought to the workplace, making employees feel trapped and excluded. By having an office design that is open plan, employees feel a level of freedom where they can get up and go discuss work tasks with their colleagues.

Co-Working Spaces

When it comes to your office design, perhaps having an open plan office isn’t viable or the right direction for you, but there are many other ways that the design of your office can influence positive communication between staff.

Perhaps you could turn unused rooms or spaces into co-working spaces, so if a select number of employees all have to work on the same task or client, they have somewhere where they can collaborate better together to ensure the work is all done seamlessly and without issue.

This helps to keep every member of staff on the same wavelength, minimises disruptions to others and can also eradicate possible altercations that may have happened if the communication levels weren’t as effective.

Embrace Nature

It’s not uncommon that office spaces are now utilising nature within their office design to help boost staff morale, mood and communication. It’s also important that you create a welcoming, friendly environment for your staff so that they want to communicate with each other.

This includes making sure that you have enough natural light to make your workspace bright and having indoor plants to improve the air quality. Although these may seem like small, menial things, the effect that a ‘natural’ environment can have on your employees is known to be extremely positive.

How will you encourage and improve positive communication in your workplace? Will you take a look at your current office design to see if there are things you could change to increase the quality of your employee communication? We can help. We specialise in office design and coworking spaces and can work to provide the solution that is right for you.