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How to Make Your Office Human-Centric

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

In the twenty-first century, and particularly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the acceleration of automation and technology has reached an all-time high. It seems that at every corner, there is a machine that can do something for us; an ‘app’ that has replaced the requirement for human intervention. While this advancement is a positive evolutionary achievement in numerous respects, it has rapidly impacted the way in which humans interact.

The workspace is no exception. Hybrid working, for example, has, and will continue to fall foul of virtual distance; a phenomenon that sees people communicating via technology without any human interaction. Zoom meetings are abundant, and work meetings are limited to video chats and online conferences. As an organisation, it is more important than ever to put the abilities, talent and personal needs of your workforce above all else.

In creating a human-centred workspace, you will be ensuring that your workers feel supported and, in turn, productivity levels will heighten.

Putting your workers first doesn’t have to be difficult and, equally, shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Here are a few ideas:

An agile workspace

With an ever-changing work environment, an open-plan office with agile furniture is a great way to offer both isolated and collaboration spaces for your staff. Zentura offers a wide range of furniture that can be relocated or adjusted to suit your current needs, dependent on the nature of your office and workforce. It also ensures that quiet space is provided for those that need it, and communal areas are available for discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions. This allows your staff to move around freely without being confined to a single work area.

Biophilic Design

There is no better way to create a natural environment than by bringing greenery into the workplace. Humans have an innate affinity with nature, so by creating living walls and incorporating biophilic design, you will increase productivity and boost mental health.

Encourage human connection

Create areas that encourage people to converse and collaborate. Our Zenconnect Meet pods are designed for up to six people and are ideal for meetings or conferences. Using cutting-edge technology, you can also connect to remote staff when required.

Consider the needs of your staff

A study by Deloitte in 2019 found that most managers feel that their staff would more easily seek work at an alternative company than within their current place of work. Clearly, this is a sign that staff feel under-rated within their current position and are being denied the opportunity to grow. Every member of staff needs to feel valued, so perhaps it is time to incorporate strategies that enable them to progress within their careers. In doing so, you are more likely to both attract and retain talent.

Re-think your ways of using technology

Successful human-centric companies pay attention to design and the interaction between the design and the user. Technology doesn’t solely have to be utilised for sending emails and navigating specialist programs. Maybe consider educational and training programs that encourage staff to learn and collaborate at the same time. Offer a new understanding or a new way of using systems to keep your staff interested and proactive.

In these uneasy times, it has never been so important to help your organisation thrive. By ensuring that your workforce is supported, encouraged and celebrated, you will take giant strides towards a successful future with a healthy and productive team.

Let Zentura help you take this first step.



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