10 Reasons to Re-design your Office

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

In what has been a tremendously challenging time for businesses across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about change aplenty for the workplace. Office space is the prime and current focus, with organisations seeking ways of providing an efficient, structural strategy that incorporates the appropriate safety measures. Therefore, it is a good time to take a look at your existing workspace and consider the ways in which you can most effectively utilise the space. Below are ten tips to get you started.

Hybrid Working

Many organisations are now looking ahead to the shift to hybrid working, where workers will fluctuate between office-based and remote working. While this is a great way of enabling your workers to return to work and providing them with greater autonomy, it does not come without concern for organisations across the globe. The office must accommodate a number of working environments as well as remaining a culture hub for new talent. All in all, things are starting to look vastly different to that of a few years ago.


Many workers are feeling concerned about the return to work, so this should be taken into consideration with your office structure. One-way systems are highly recommended for both internal staff and external visitors to ensure minimal crowding. Communal, kitchen and bathroom areas should also operate at maximum capacity at any one time to avoid overcrowding. In order to maintain wellbeing amongst you and your staff, it is important to offer peace of mind with regard to cleanliness. It is good practice to display signage that demonstrates the correct handwashing procedures and reminders to maintain good personal hygiene at all times. Anti-bacterial hand washes and sanitisers should also be available.

Office Re-design

It is likely that your workspace will require a re-design in order to implement further Covid-safe strategies. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but you are not alone. At Zentura, we specialise in the science of the workplace and are well equipped to offer our assistance in these times. A re-design does not always mean heavy construction work, in fact, agile and flexible furniture is a great way forward in providing safe, quiet areas with minimal disruption. Let us offer you a few ideas:

We believe that future office layouts are likely to contain less desking, and focus more on both quiet areas, and tech-enabled areas for collaboration, teamwork, meetings, training and events. Partitions can be used to create sectioned areas for focus-based work which, in turn, will ensure that your staff remain protected whilst increasing productivity. The flexible nature of panelling also means that you can adjust as and when required.

Acoustic pods are great for collaboration and team-based work. With the essential built-in technology, you can work in small, safe groups and seamlessly connect to remote workers. Take a look at our range of relocatable Zenconnect Pods® which offer high-quality graphics, exceptional sound and optimal lighting. They also look pretty impressive!


With the shift to remote working, it’s likely that you’re saying goodbye to your trade shows and work-related events for the time being. This can be a particularly daunting prospect for many organisations as events such as these can be extremely profitable. If you can relate, then it might be time to consider ramping up your technology use. While it’s fairly straightforward (sometimes!) to utilise Zoom, it isn’t the most transfixing of strategies.

Zenconnect Spaces® provide you with the opportunity of connecting to worldwide audiences, and our teleportation technology will teleport you to present real-time in a space of your choice. For an even more immersive experience, Zenconnect Stages® enable presenters and their audience to come face to face in a virtual or hybrid setting. Aside from the superior technology, these are great strategies for ROI, reducing your carbon footprint and improving staff productivity.

Maximising Productivity

Many of the above measures will aid productivity, but overall, a re-design will show your workers that you care about them. This alone can be a great way to gain trust and loyalty whilst giving productivity the boost it needs to get to the next level.


We are all keen to do our bit for the environment, so we recommend that you use sustainable items with low embodied carbon. Putting sustainability at the heart of your office design, and business, is a fantastic way to attract, retain and engage with top talent, a group whose expectations of an employer are dramatically changing in a post-COVID-19 world. A re-design means that you can take factors such as these into consideration, thus enabling you to do your part in keeping the planet healthy whilst futureproofing your business.


This is one of the most essential factors of a thriving workplace. In order for productivity, profitability and engagement to prevail, the health and happiness of you and your staff is crucial. Strategies such as providing good ventilation, exceptional facilities and bringing the environment into the office via biophilic design, all go a long way in keeping people upbeat.

Community and Culture

The workplace must remain, in some part, an enjoyable place to be. Whether you provide an entertainment area or allow staff to take their work into a work garden (if the choice is available), there are many ways that you can provide a sense of community.

Brand and Identity

Let your visitors see how seriously you’re taking your workplace! The way you handle your office can have a huge effect on the impressions of new talent and visitors. Ensure that your identity and brand is put at the front and centre of your first impression from the get-go.

Optimising Costs

An office fit-out doesn’t need to cost the earth, particularly when you consider that a great deal of furniture is agile and can be relocated. This saves you the cost of a full overhaul and lengthy construction work. With the guidance of one of our Zentura experts, you can rest assured that the decisions about your workspace is enhancing lives and gives you peace of mind that you are creating a sustainable, collaborative, technology-enabled workspace that works for your future.

We are here to be of assistance and to provide advice on any of the above, and more. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.